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Below are the names of various software packages that Model Railroaders can use to design their layout, wether it be their dream empire filling a whole room, or little pike designed to fit on a bookshelf.

Click on the software title to view more information about each of these design programs. You'll be able to find out more about the package, and if available, there will be a link to the official web site for that program. Many of these web sites contain a place where you can download a copy of the program, either demo or full version.

Atlas RTS       (View designs using this software)
Right Track FreeWare will allow you to design a layout of just about any size (up to 100’ x 100’) using Atlas N, HO and O scale Super-Flex track, sectional track, switches, bridges and buildings, as well as buildings from other manufacturers. When you are finished designing, you can print out the plan and use it as a blueprint while you build your railroad

CadRail       (View designs using this software)
Cadrail has all the extra features that will satisfy advanced users. Beginners can pick it up quickly and grow into the harder parts of railroad design. You get a rock solid, all around drawing tool for all your drawing needs. Design railroad layouts, buildings, benchwork, schematics or anything else you need.

WinRail       (View designs using this software)
WinRail provides a very full set of features for covering every aspect of layout design. Track work can be drawn in great detail, with or without roadbeds (or track underlay). Pointwork of all descriptions can be shown, and connections between track units can be easily made and unmade.

3rd Plan It!       (View designs using this software)
Version 6 offers you unparalleled design capabilities for your railroad layout. Built on a strong, innovative set of design tools, the new 3D terrain and landscape features let you really visualize your layout like never before. Its powerful Dynamic Design Tools™ let you quickly build precise track of any design. And a comprehensive suite of 3D Object Design Tools let you craft buildings, rolling stock, equipment, automobiles, cranes, boats and just about anything you can imagine.

3D Railroad       (View designs using this software)
3D Railroad Concept And Design™ version 2.0 for Windows includes all the tools and functionality found in previous versions with some fantastic upgrades. Now, in addition to the accurate drawing tools, list compilers, custom benchwork, extensive catalog listings and libraries of manufacturer products, and stunning 3D graphics, we have added ideas and functionality as requested by model railroad enthusiasts.

RR-Track       (View designs using this software)
This software is the answer for all your toy or model train layout design headaches. No more templates to struggle with, no messy erasing and scribbling, no emergency table extensions propped on sawhorses, no last second hacking of the Xmas tree, just pop up the menus off this fully graphical software in the gauge of your choice and plan away.

Empire Express       (View designs using this software)
Empire Express is the easy-to-learn model railroad design program for the Macintosh

XTrkCad       (View designs using this software)
XTrkCad is a CAD program for designing Model Railroad layouts. XTrkCad supports any scale, has libraries of popular brands of turnouts and sectional track (plus you add your own easily), can automatically use spiral transition curves when joining track and has extensive on-line help and demonstrations. XTrkCad lets you manipulate track much like you would with actual flex-track to modify, extend and join tracks and turnouts. Additional features include tunnels, 'post-it' notes, on-screen ruler, parts list, 99 drawing layers, undo/redo commands, benchwork, 'Print to BitMap', elevations, train simulation and car inventory.

RailModeller       (View designs using this software)
Layouts are built by simply dragging the tracks from the library to the layout. Tracks magnetically snap to free track-segments on the trackplan, automatically rotate to the correct angle and can optionally be colorized automatically to match the color of the segment.

Hand-drawn       (View designs using this software)

SCARM       (View designs using this software)
SCARM means Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller – a free software for simplified design of scaled railway layouts and creation of railroad model track plans. With SCARM you can easily create your desired layout – just download the installation package and start editing your first track plan.

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