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St. Michaels Junction
By: Tom Roscoe (   View Layouts by Tom Roscoe Layouts and Design by Tom Roscoe Designs by Tom Roscoe)
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Description: Mike's modified version 3 of an Atlas layout plan sized to fit a door, with inside 9.x" curves and outside 11" curves. Sidings for storage of some cars or interchange for local delivery, and engine house with tracks for two. Room for some town buildings and a passenger station along main line, even if used as restaurant/Museum. Country area, perhaps near river. Barn, cows, grain
Scale: N Scale
Software: Atlas RTS

Square Feet: < 32 sq. ft
Difficulty: Beginner
Operation: Freight,Double or Multi Loop,Single RR with Interchange Tracks
Prototype: IC Rock Island NYC EI
Region: Midwest to East/South
Era: 1941 to 66 or present (branchline)

Last Update: 05/27/2004

Total Downloads: 1439

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