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Description: Layer1: FW interlocking USGS 1950 Layer2: Grain Facility USGS 1950 Layer3: Gardenville cutoff USGS 1950 Layer4 : Transco Wye, the modern replacement for the the FW interlocking. There are three versions for transco wye. For shelf penninsula layouts. Layer 5: W and S entrances to Frontier Yard with CP-T,CP-SYC, Chicago line, branch belt line connection. Layer 6: Buffalo Drydock 1925 (incomplete Switching layout) Thanks to H Priebe Jr for use of 1950 USGS map. Les Wilson's rochester railfan page of maps was used as an aid for the Transco Wye and entrance to Frontier Yard.
Scale: O Scale
Software: Atlas RTS

Square Feet: > 96 sq. ft
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Operation: Freight,Point to Point,Multiple Railroads
Region: Western NY

Last Update: 01/10/2006

Total Downloads: 1532

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