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Avalon, Tintagel & Santa Fe Railway
By: Peter T. Prunka (   View Layouts by Peter T. Prunka Layouts and Design by Peter T. Prunka Designs by Peter T. Prunka)
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Description: This is the current design of my 24x21 foot N-scale empire, set in the 1950's. It features David Barrow-style domino construction (similar to modules but not to a dictated standard). The railroad is based loosely on Santa Fe (AT&SF) practice in New Mexico, but its fantasy history derives more from Lord of the Rings, hobbits, and King Arthur. It's a point-to-point railroad, with interchanges with Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Lines, a hidden staging yard (beneath the mountains to Equinox) and substantial yard trackage and industrial switching. The real beauty of this design and the domino concept is that you don't have to build, use or even LIKE the entire railroad. Have a small space? Grab two dominos and connect them with a filler. Need to fit into an L-shape? Select your favorite dominos (including a yard) and add a corner domino and some fillers. Bored with the switching on your layout? Shuffle the dominos! Tired oif the scenery on a domino? Scrape it down, rebuild and just realign the fillers! So many little work. Some of the individual dominos (modules) are also filed here. Search by my name to find them. I'll add more as time permits. For more details, see the

Avalon, Tintagel & Santa Fe Rwy. - THE AVALON ROAD

Scale: N Scale
Software: Atlas RTS

Square Feet: > 96 sq. ft
Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced
Operation: Passenger & Freight,Point to Point,Single RR with Interchange Tracks
Prototype: Santa Fe (ATSF)
Region: SW US - United States
Era: 1950

Last Update: 12/11/2001

Total Downloads: 3437

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