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Rising Sun Ridge
By: Tom Roscoe (   View Layouts by Tom Roscoe Layouts and Design by Tom Roscoe Designs by Tom Roscoe)
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Description: Found this simple layout in my 1983 Tomix catalog, realized it was simple but had a beauty beyond the common simple loop. Passenger trains are everywhere in Japan, I rode them to School at Hitachi's TV plant near Yokohama that year. Everything gathers around the station, food, markets, stores, McD. Uses both 11 and 9.75 inch radius curves, and whether run CCW or CW, there are switch points to pick, now would replace one switch for another with trailing points, hide part of the loop with a ridge and/or buildings, or build up one side to allow the land to hide part. Foam on plywood recommended, so land forms can be cut down into the foam. This would be nice for a RS-2 sized loco, GP18, GP20, and if the space is available, expand track to fit a 2x4 board. This one would fit under a bed!
Scale: N Scale
Software: Atlas RTS

Square Feet: < 32 sq. ft
Difficulty: Beginner
Operation: Passenger & Freight,Bent Loop / Dog Leg,Single RR
Prototype: Japan Railway
Region: any farmland
Era: any w/small town passenger service

Last Update: 02/14/2005

Total Downloads: 1731

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